The Molloy Family Organization was formed in 2000 by Gerald Edward Molloy and Angelica Rosemarie Remde.

Our Molloy Family Tree includes all their identified ancestry with their descendants, who are related or connected by blood, through marriage to include other marriages which create half and step siblings, adoptions, etc. Note that for each spouse their parents' names and personal information is included for full identification; also they appear on their children's Family Group Records and are usually the other grandparents as well.

Whether you find yourself and anyone else related/connected please carefully review each entry for accuracy and completeness. Please e-mail me at: with any corrections and additions, including scanned documents such as birth/marriage/death certificates, photos of individuals, families, special events, homes, etc., announcements, obituaries, articles, letters, military service, awards, stories - whatever you would like to have preserved there. Naturally this is all of our family tree for future generations to build on. I can do this for you or give you access to edit, if interested. As you will see, much of the data has yet to be documented or sourced, but sources were found for nearly everything. Mainly on the Long Island and New England lines that are further back, which were found from individuals on the Internet, etc. there is much still needed to be verified.

Please check back often as "This is a work in progress."

For an overview on the Molloy Family Tree:

The ancestry of Gerald Edward Molloy is centered in New York City and on Long Island.
His paternal Molloy lines are from Tipperary and Dublin Counties, Ireland.
His paternal Fox/Fuchs lines are from Bad D├╝rkheim and Kaiserslautern with surrounding areas in the Palatinate, Germany.
His paternal grandmother's Green(e) lines go back to the earliest settlers of Suffolk County, New York who were mostly English Colonists from Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, some coming in the early 1600s; also there were Dutch lines from New Amsterdam. His mother's paternal Michell lines were mostly from England and Scotland. His mother's maternal Schloeder lines came from Trier and the surrounding region in the Rhineland, Germany.

The ancestry of Angelica Rosemarie Remde all are from eastern Germany, mainly Thuringia and Prussian Provinces of Saxony and Brandenburg with parts in present-day Poland.
Her Patterson and Markham lines, from her step-father, were mostly from England and Scotland with many descendents in Utah and Idaho. See the Patterson & Markham Family Tree

Looking forward to sharing and collaborating our unique heritage with you!

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