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1 Molloy-Remde Family Tree Aug 22 see Title Page 40,328 15,261 491 
2 Patterson & Markham Family Tree  Wilford Measom Patterson, my wife’s step-father, asked me to compile his family’r records for the Stephen Markham Family Organization’s reunion in June 1991. The prior reunions were for the descendants of his son, William Don Carlos Markham, grandfather of Wilford Measom Patterson. But this time the organizing committee included representatives of the siblings and so over the years all who were interested were invited and added to my master database by their inputs, GEDCOMS or other files (several have not yet been synchroznized) along with some research. This tree now includes both the Patterson and Markham ancestry and their descendants. The Patterson & Markham Family Tree includes all their identified ancestry with their descendants, who are related or connected by blood, through marriage to include other marriages which create half and step siblings, adoptions, etc. In the master database for each spouse their parents’ names and personal information is included, when known, for full identification; also they appear on their children’s Family Group Records and are usually the other grandparents as well. However, these now only appear on our Molloy Family Tree as they could not be included in the separated Patterson & Markham Family Tree. So they will need to be added manually. Whether you find yourself and anyone else related/connected please carefully review each entry for accuracy and completeness. Please e-mail me at; with any corrections and additions, including scanned documents such as birth/marriage/death certificates, photos of individuals, families, special events, homes, etc., announcements, obituaries, articles, letters, military service, awards, stories - whatever you would like to have preserved there. Naturally this is all of our family tree for future generations to build on. I can do this for you or give you access to edit, if interested. As you will see, most of the data has yet to be documented or sourced. Please check back often as “This is a work in progress.” Any recent changes were only made on the Molloy-Remde Family Tree, which for the most part duplicates the Patterson & Markham Family Tree  24,393 9,727 0